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Our talented artists have been specializing in making brides and wedding parties
look their best for close to 12 years.  Most of the time, was spent working at salons
inside of major hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, as well as working at upscale local
salons.  Not only do we specialize in weddings, but also other occasions from formal
to casual including:

Dinner Parties

School Dances

Renewal of Vows

A Night Out

Simply Wanting to be Pampered!
How we came to be......

It wasn't until my own wedding in 2003 that I realized just how
stressful it can be planning a wedding!  By the time we set the date,
found the location, and figured out our guest list, I was exhausted!  
That was even before finding my dress, shoes and jewelry; before
picking out flowers, cake, music, or planning the reception!  I  felt
most of the stress, however, when I was almost late to my own

I thought I had everything planned out just right, but I forgot to take
into consideration the time it takes driving to the salon, getting the
services done, driving back, putting on the jewelry, getting dressed
and getting to the chapel!  It was at that point that I realized, I could
have saved so much more time and effort if I had stayed at the hotel
and had someone come to me for those little details. I knew that
other brides, like myself, would also be wishing for a service like this,
so I decided to start a business of traveling directly to them and
helping them prepare for their special day.  
What Sets Us Apart........

There are literally over 100,000 weddings that take place in Las Vegas on an
average year. To most, seeing a bride walking past in her wedding gown, on her
way to the chapel is an exciting, beautiful & heartwarming sight.  It's no secret
that a lot of the wedding vendors & professionals in Vegas have seen hundreds,
maybe even thousands of brides, so they may have become desensitized.  What
sets us apart from others is that no matter how many brides we take care of, we
realize that each and every one is special.  We make her feel like she is the
ONLY one from the very first contact. We take time to talk, answer any questions
& help you decide if our services are right for you. After booking, if you'd like, we
can suggest fun things to do in Vegas, from a local point of view & on your big
day, we are happy to stay with you to help you dress, put on your jewelry & shoes
We pride ourselves on truly caring about every single bride & giving you a
personalized, pampering experience which is unbeatable!  By not overbooking,
rushing, or squeezing in appointments, we're able to give our full, undivided
attention to the most important person of the day... The bride!  
Let us make you look your best........

Our experienced team will come directly to your hotel room, home or wedding
location to make your hair & makeup look picture perfect for your wedding
photos. It is your day, you deserve to be pampered and feel special.  Let us take
the worry out of your preparation so that you can relax and save time.  Visit our
Contact Us page with any questions or to schedule an appointment.
Congratulations and we look forward to meeting you on your special day!
My Wedding Photos 11-16-03
Bridal Beauty
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