~Our prices include placement of your veil & headpiece.  
~There are no additional travel charges, fees or taxes. Everything is included in the
prices listed & there are NO SURPRISES!
~We ask that your hair be clean and dry upon our arrival.  
~If you require us to blow dry your hair, you will be charged for a blowdry on your
final bill.  ~We also ask that if you wax or tweeze your eyebrows, you do so at least
48 hours prior to your special event so that any irritation will have a chance to clear.
Our Prices are bottom line with no hidden fees!  Beware of other
companies that give "starting" or "ranging" prices! They start at one
price for very short hair and go WAY up with any length or thickness.  
You usually won't know the full price until you're in their chair & it is too
late!  With us, you will know in advance exactly how much you'll be paying,
so it's easy to plan out your budget!!

Group Packages
What could be more fun than getting ready with your wedding party without
having to leave your room? You can all just relax, (in your pajamas if you
want!) order some room service, and let us take care of all your beauty
needs. All you'll need to do is dress & go.  A great way to spend your
wedding day without any added stress!
Group Package A.....$140.00 per person
Allow Aprox. 3 hours
Our Group Package A includes Hair & Makeup for 3 or more people.

Group Package B.....$85.00 per person
Allow Aprox. 3 hours
Our Group Package B includes Hair Only for 3 or more people.

Group Package C.....$65.00 per person
Allow Aprox. 3 hours
Our Group Package C includes Makeup Application for 3 or more people.

Ultimate Package.......$350.00
Day 1: Allow Aprox. 2 hours
Day 2: Allow Aprox. 3 hours
On day 1, we'll come to your room & do a Trial Run of your hair & makeup,
so you can go out on the town that night looking fabulous.  Day 2 will
consist of an Updo or style, makeup application with eyelash extensions,
both "Picture Perfect Lips" & "Picture Perfect Hands" treatments and fine
line filling/tightening serum added. You will also receive a gift bag full of
necessities including a package of Oil Blotting Papers to keep you shine
free in between touch ups, a pressed mineral powder compact & a full size
lipstick or lip gloss to touch up your makeup and to keep you looking great
long after the wedding is over!

Diamond Package.......$200.00
Allow Aprox. 3 hours
Includes an Updo or style, makeup application with eyelash extensions,
both "Picture Perfect Lips" & "Picture Perfect Hands" treatments, fine line
filling/tightening serum added and either a full size lipstick or a lip
gloss              for  touch ups.

Little Princess Package (10 yrs. & under).......$70.00
Allow Aprox. 1 hour 30 minutes
Just think of how excited your little one will be when she finds out that she
gets to be included in all the pampering!  Our little princess package
includes an updo or style with a bit of glitter sprinkled in her hair, very light
blush, eyeshadow & lip gloss and a dusting of shimmer powder. Also
included is a flower girl gift bag full of cute little goodies to make her feel
like the Little Princess she is!

Groom's Package.......$60.00
Allow Aprox. 30 minutes
Lets face it, the guys aren't always the best at cleaning up- or sometimes
they just like to be pampered too!  Our groom's package includes a haircut
styling of the hair with gel or pomade.  We moisturize the face, apply
Oil-Mattifier which absorbs excess oil, eliminates shine & keeps the face
matte for up to 8 hours.  Also includes a "Picture Perfect Hand Treatment"
so your ring
photos will be outstanding!
If a package isn't what you had in mind, you can choose
your services from our individual menu below.

(Just added!) Personal Stylist.....$400.00
This includes one hair & makeup service plus your stylist will stay with you up to three
additional hours before, during and after your ceremony to help you dress & make
sure your hair & makeup stay picture perfect for your photos the entire time!
No need to worry about touch ups when you've got your own personal stylist around!

Updo or Hairstyle & Makeup Application...$150.00
Allow Aprox. 2 hours
Let our talented hair & makeup artists make you look like you belong on the
pages of a bridal magazine. This is
YOUR day, why not pamper yourself?

Updo or Hairstyle Alone (no matter the length).....$90.00
Allow Aprox. 1 hour           
Whether you have a style in mind, or need a little help deciding on one,
our stylists will give you the perfect 'do to make your look complete!

Add a Trial Run Hair & Makeup Prior to Your Special Day....$130.00
Allow Aprox. 2 hours
Not quite sure how you want your hair & makeup on your big day? Maybe you're
having a rehearsal dinner or bachelorette night that you'd like your hair & makeup
done for also?  Not to worry!  We are now offering a discounted price on a Trial Run
for the bride when you book services for your big day with us!

Flowergirl Updo or Hairstyle (under 10 yrs)...$50.00
Allow Aprox. 30 Minutes
Everyone loves getting their hair done, especially the little ones!  Our stylists will
make your flower girl look like the little princess that she is!

Makeup Application.......$75.00
Allow Aprox. 1 Hour
Our talented makeup artists know just how to keep you looking natural, while
enhancing your best features.  If you prefer a more dramatic look, we can do
that too!   We're here to achieve the perfect look that you've always imagined

Manicure & Pedicure.......$100.00
Allow Aprox. 2 Hours
Our manicurist will help you relax & unwind with an ultra-pampering spa manicure &
pedicure right in the comforts of your room! You'll be treated to a full mani/pedi,
including a relaxing soak, cleaning & shaping of your nails & cuticles, an exfoliating
scrub, a moisturizing massage of your hands & arms to your elbow on the mani, & the
feet & legs to your knees on the pedi. We'll then finish with french polish on both the
hands & feet for that romantic bridal look!

Eyelash Strips...$10.00
Make your eyes stand out in your pictures with our natural looking eyelash
strips!  They look like your own, only a little better, remove easily
at the end of the night & can be re-used again & again!

Picture Perfect Lips Treatment.......$10.00
We exfoliate the lips removing all dry skin, then moisturize to make the treatment
complete.  Your lips will look and feel so soft & smooth, it'll make it hard for him to
wait until he hears "You may kiss the bride!"

Picture Perfect Hands Treatment.......$15.00
This service does just what it says, makes your hands look beautiful for those
ring photos!  We exfoliate the hands & wrists, removing all dry, dead skin
and finish with a moisturizing hand massage.  Perfect for both the bride & groom!

Fine Line Filler & Tightener Serum.......$10.00
Applied before your makeup, this serum helps fill in fine lines & tighten tired
skin.  Followed by a soothing moisturizer, this treatment leaves your
skin looking well rested & refreshed.

*Our artists are more than happy to stay after to assist the bride in
dressing for up to 10 minutes at no charge.  If you require this
extra time, please inquire about it when scheduling your appointment
so that we can book it accordingly.  Again, there is no extra charge for this
additional time, however gratuity is very much appreciated
(customary 18-20%)
*We take appointments 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.... However, there is a
$30.00 charge for all holidays or appointments scheduled before 8am and after 6pm.
If you are looking for a more pampering experience
with additional services, try one of our Packages
listed below!  
Email Us
Services and Pricing
Below, you'll find add-ons which will allow you to customize
your services to suit your needs!
Below, you'll find a variety of packages as well as individual
services.  We invite you to look over our menu and feel free
email us with any questions you may have!
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